Adult Perform Fit

The ETS Perform-Fit Training Program is specifically designed for adults of any age looking to take their overall health, and fitness to an all new level. Our unique and completely customizable systems are specifically designed to help adults burn fat, build lean muscle and improve overall body mechanics and efficiency. From busy on-the-go parents to weekend warriors, we have just the plan for optimal results in an up-beat atmosphere that can't be matched.

Training Options

1 on 1 individual training

Meet with one of our Perform-Fit Specialists to build the PERFECT plan for you and your goals.

Session Duration: 45 or 60 Minutes

Perform-Fit Camp

Experience a group workout like never before in this unmatched, high intensity, total body training session. Each session is geared towards enhancing both fitness and performance, and all movements are easily modified for individuals of all fitness levels and abilities.