Athlete Testimonials

Bailey Lervick, North Dakota State - Soccer

"ETS has played a huge role in my development into becoming a division 1 soccer player. The atmosphere was incredible and the trainers pushed me each session to get stronger, faster and ultimately reach my potential. My time spent at ETS has been invaluable working with the dedicated ETS staff. I definitely highly recommend ETS to any soccer player looking to take their performance to the next level."

Ben Williams, Syracuse University - Lacrosse

"When I entered the ETS gym during my junior year of high school, I was an athlete who lacked hip flexibility, explosiveness, and had many muscle imbalances throughout my body. After working out at ETS for a few years now I have seen a vast increase in my strength, speed, and explosiveness, and also have gained a tremendous amount of knowledge with regards to how to maintain a strong, powerful, and flexible body. I found that at ETS it is easy to make yourself better, due to the hardworking and upbeat atmosphere Ryan and his team have created. Now a sophomore in college, I am a strong, explosive, and balanced athlete starting for one of the top division 1 lacrosse programs in the country. I owe everything to Ryan and his team, for without ETS I would not be where I am today. So, if you’re looking for a place to improve your total athletic framework and be put in a position to be successful, ETS is the place for you."

Emily Heslin, University of Minnesota - Soccer

“After suffering a significant knee injury in high school, I was very nervous about the prospect of getting hurt again and not being able to regain the strength and speed that I had lost. With the help of ETS I completely regained my strength, speed and significantly improved my ability to decelerate properly. Thanks to ETS, I am now playing at the highest level of women’s collegiate soccer and look forward to bigger and better things in the future. With the help of ETS, I truly believe anything is possible.”

JC Hassenauer, Alabama Crimson Tide Offensive Lineman

“There is no question that training with Ryan at ETS ever since my freshman year in high school paved the way for me to earn a D1 scholarship to play at one of the best schools in the country. During my 4 years at ETS I went from a 185lb Freshman to a 290lb Senior that was the #1 rated player at my position in the country. There is no question that ETS will always be my home every chance I get through my college and post-college career.

Lauren Saucier, LSU - Pole-vaulter

“Training at ETS in the off-season has been wonderful. Their staff is always prepared each time I come into the gym with a workout that is specifically designed for me and the needs for my sport. My strength, speed and explosiveness has improved an incredible amount and I am looking forward to setting all kinds of personal bests this season!”

Mariah Keopple, D1 Hockey Recruit

“I have been working out at ETS for about 2 years now. ETS is a place that has helped me become a better athlete. I can definitely tell that my strength has increased, and it has helped my game on the ice. I now have a lot more confidence on the ice when it comes to winning battles and shooting on the ice because I am so much stronger than I used to be. Working out was never really a priority for me until I started going to ETS. I now know how important it is to work out and how much of a difference it makes on the ice.”