Trevor Morning

Performance Enhancement Specialist

Bachelor of Science & Kinesiology Degree
Business Administration & Coaching Emphasis

My entire life, ever since the age of 3, has revolved around sports and athletics in some way, shape or form. With getting the opportunity to play college football and eventually a shot at the NFL, I have grown to know and experience what it takes to get to the next level. With being a part of the elite ETS Training for the last 5 years of my life, I have been exposed to the ETS approach and unique methodologies of developing and maximizing the performance of all athletes from all sports and ability levels.

With my playing days over, I have now shifted my passion, focus and attention to helping others succeed. My fire and passion for taking athletes to the next level is burning like never before. With being a former high school and collegiate athlete, along with years of experience of working with athletes from youth all the way up to professional level, I am confident that I will use my experiences to be able to connect with and enhance the abilities of every athlete that I work with on a daily basis.

Torsten Rotto

Performance Enhancement Specialist

Stanford University Bachelor of Arts Degree:
Human Biology, Area of Concentration: "Human Performance"
Worked as a Teaching assistant for the classes:
"Exercise Physiology, Human Nutrition, and Sport and Exercise Medicine"
Former Stanford Football Player: 2 Rose Bowl Championships, 3 PAC-12 Championships.

What I love the most about ETS is the direct relationship between hard work and results. The training systems here, combined with focused effort and commitment, are guaranteed to generate results that far exceed initial expectations. These results helped me achieve my goals as an athlete, and now I am passionate about guiding motivated athletes to realize how strong, fast, and functional they can become. As a multiple sport athlete in high school (hockey, football, track and field) and then continuing to play football at Standford University, I know first hand the difference the ETS Training Systems and Philosophies can have on an athlete that's committed.

Austin Jochum

Performance Intern

University of St Thomas
Major: Exercise Science

My passion for interning at ETS stems from a passion I have deep inside of me to not only become the best athlete possible, but also do whatever I can to help others do the exact same thing. As a multiple sport athlete in High School and now a Collegiate Athlete at St. Thomas I truly believe that ETS provides a superior system and enviorment for me to grow as a coach/athlete and acomplish both my personal and professional goals by pushing and encouraging every athlete I work with to commit, overcome and then CONQUER their goals.

Cory Englebert

Performance Nutrition Implementation Consultant

Founder of XTS Speed and Strength & CEStrong

I have been in the Fitness and Sports Performance industry for 17 years. Prior to creating CESTRONG, I was the owner of XTS Speed & Strength, a sports performance facility where I had the oportunity to physically prepare 1,000's of high school, college, and professional athletes from all over the world. In 2014 I sold XTS to focus on my CESTRONG fitness and sports performance consulting business.

It is crucial for every human being to develop the fundamental basic athletic and biomechanical movements, strength techniques, deceleration protocols, and specific energy system development to truly maximize their potential no matter what walk of life they come from. For everyone it is a different path, but the principles are the same. I have created a system to accomplish this and it is the basis for all programs I design. I look forward to communicating with you and answering your questions, and to seeing you progress through our programs!