Parent Testimonials

Art Diaz

"All the Eau Claire-an athletes that trained at ETS the past two years are all showing results amongst their peers on their high school football teams ...thanks Ryan and staff for the phenomenal ETS training regiment that has set the bar for our boys!! ...see you in the winter! “

Bryan & Teresa Green

“Our three sons, Seth, Blaine, and Bryson, have been attending ETS since they opened. Their speed and agility skills have improved tremendously. ETS has helped Seth improve his vertical jump, shuttle run, and 40 yard-dash. In addition, ETS's strength program has help him become much stronger and faster. ETS has helped Seth achieve his goals of playing football after high school. As a junior, he currently has eight D-1 offers. Blaine and Bryson continue to compete with older kids. ETS has definitely made them better football players, basketball players, and lacrosse players. ”

Colleen Heslin

"ETS started out as the place where Emily would go to rehab after knee surgery, but ended up being much more than that. She looked forward to going to ETS because Ryan and his staff had a way of making the workouts fun and she could tell the hard work was paying off. We feel it's no coincidence that 4 years later, Emily has been injury free despite playing high level soccer year round. Thanks Ryan!"

Jeff Johnson

"ETS has been everything we wanted and expected—an excellent environment, individual attention to our son’s needs, opportunities to work hard and get stronger, and a staff of trainers that look for ways to support athletes in more ways than just physically. After meeting Ryan and Heidi for the first time, you realize they have something special. Both are proven athletes who know what it takes to be successful, and have decided to work together to change the lives of others. Add to that the additional training staff, and you have a recipe for success! There’s no doubt in my mind that our son is getting a first-rate workout at ETS. Every two weeks the workout is adjusted with new activities that will challenge and push him to new heights. By continuing to challenge him, it allows him to grow not only as an athlete, but also as a young man. Since starting ETS in mid September, and in only 4 months, our son has improved 4? in his vertical, 55 pounds in his bench, and 80 pounds in his box squat. The gains don’t just stop with the physical success. For our son, working out at ETS is something that he looks forward to every time. Let’s face it, working out is not easy, but when you see the gain, have the ability to work with such a great staff, and see others working out who can motivate you, it sure makes it easier. Not once since we have started has it been a challenge to get our son to work out, he is ready to go every day and that speaks volume to the program. In both basketball and football, he has seen improvements. He has gained confidence when going up against someone bigger or even stronger and he knows he can now hang with them. His quickness, flexibility, and strength have all helped with that. Thanks ETS for helping our son continue his goal of being a Varsity athlete."

Joy and Aaron Keopple

Over the past two years our daughter, Mariah, has been working out with the great trainers at ETS. We have not only noticed a great increase in her strength and endurance, but also an overall increased work ethic. This increased strength has become a huge asset on the ice in terms of body positioning and winning battles in the corners or in front of the net. She also has an incredible increase in power to put into her stride which creates quicker starts and overall faster speeds. ETS has and will continue to give her the edge she needs to stay competitive and on track to achieve her dreams!

Kirk Haugestuen

“As a former collegiate athlete, high school coach, educator, administrator and father of a son in the ETS Program I have a perspective of what it takes to enhance athletic ability and personal attributes for prep athletes. The ETS System assesses each athlete’s personal skill set, considers and focuses upon specificity training for a sport of choice, and personalizes each workout to enhance the performance of the athlete. Specifically, Ryan Englebert understands the anatomy and physiology of sport movement, and the relationship of enhancing the body’s ability to function at it’s highest level. As a former professional athlete, he understands pre-competition, competition and post-competition needs of the athlete to prepare for and enhance performance and help the body recover after physical exertion. Ryan Englebert also makes connections with the athletes he trains and builds solid relationships through the ETS System. If you are considering a training system that enhances performance, builds character and focuses on specific sports, then I would highly recommend ETS to you! It’s because of these specific qualities and the amazing improvement in our son’s performance that we will continue to drive 1 hour and 45 minutes 2-3x per week to ensure our son receives the best training possible!”

Kristin and Todd Causby

When we enrolled our son Taylor (age 12) at ETS, our hope was to help him improve on his speed and agility for basketball and baseball. What we have seen has been much more than that. The transformation with his quickness, vertical jump, and form has been impressive for such a short period of time. Much to our surprise, these accomplishments have not been the most impressive thing we have seen. ETS owners Ryan and Heidi, along with their talented staff, have helped cultivate Taylor’s confidence and leadership skills, taking a quiet kid and making him more secure in his abilities. The environment at ETS allows for younger kids to observe the high school and college kids during their workouts. We are constantly asked “when will I get to do that? Can I work out at ETS until I graduate?” For a 12 year old to get that excited about working out, there is something special going on at ETS! It is not like a big-box type gym where you take your class, do your workout and leave without being noticed. The ETS staff is always involved with your program and they genuinely care about the kids and what is going on in their lives."

Molly and George Behr

“Our son George Behr wouldn’t be in the position he is today without Ryan Englebert and the ETS staff. ETS provided endless hours of training , both physically and mentally. Ryan and his staff go beyond just running kids through specific training. The discipline , respect and overall mental toughness acquired at ETS has made George’s D1 Football transition much easier than other kids entering D1 sports programs. We think of Ryan Englebert as part of our family and would recommend any student / athlete to be part of his program. They would be lucky!"

Ryan Schumacher

“We wanted to share with you how pleased we are with Evan’s training at ETS. He started your Strength Plus training program in mid November as a 14 year old (now 15) high school freshman. Evan’s stated objective when he began was, in short, to become a “beast” (we think that’s his way of saying that he wants to get as strong and as fast as possible). As parents, our objective was to assist Evan in achieving his primary goal of becoming an accomplished varsity soccer player and to be as well-equipped as possible to avoid injury while competing. You promised that we would see progress in Evan as long as he worked hard in his training. Evan has put a lot of effort into the ETS workouts these past three months and the results from the first formal progress check were startling. His vertical leap increase (going from 18 inches to 25 inches) was impressive and he significantly lowered his times in both quickness-based tests. He has gained muscle mass and weight along with the increased speed; we noticed the results of these changes in his indoor soccer league games—as he competes, we can tell that Evan knows he is stronger and faster. As you recognize very well from your experiences, confidence is a huge positive factor in athletics. As parents with busy family schedules, we’ve been very pleased with our ETS experience. You and the other staff have given Evan a safe, energy-filled training environment. He gets professional, individual attention from your trainers as he executes his workouts and he appreciates the change in routines every two weeks (he also likes the music and energetic atmosphere at ETS). We’ve had to change his training appointment a few times to accommodate school activities; your process for doing that and the selection of workout times has accommodated those short notice adjustments very well. Evan was really pumped up about the outcome from Tuesday (parents really like to see the occasional smile from their teenagers); he is excited for continuing his workouts and is looking forward to seeing more progress with ETS’ program.”

Todd Polifka

"My son, Blake has spent the last two summers at ETS. Not only has he improved his speed, mobility and athletic ability, he’s having a great time doing it as a 11 yr. old. The staff at ETS has done an excellent job pushing him in a motivating way that makes him want to keep coming back. He will be a familiar face at ETS for a long time to come. Thanks again ETS!"

Tory & Michael Hassenauer

“Ryan Englebert and ETS have been instrumental in the growth of our son, J.C. Hassenauer, both mentally and physically. Not only does ETS cater to the Athletic aspect but also to the mind – encouraging good character and hard work. Ryan encourages his athletes to want to be a better person and be the best that they can be athletically. As a result of this training JC was earned a Football scholarship at the University of Alabama. Thank you Ryan for all your dedication and inspiration. ”