ETS Strength Plus Program
The ETS Strength Plus Program focuses on maximum effort strength & power development training that translates into increased strength, power, explosiveness and speed in competition.

Sport Specific Training For:

- Football

- Hockey

- Basketball

- Baseball

- Soccer

- Lacrosse

- Volleyball

- Softball

- Track


- Wrestling

- And More!


ETS Dynamic Movement Preparation: Neuromuscular specific exercises to prepare the body for activity while addressing bio-motor abilities used during sports.

Linear Speed & Technical Mastery: Maximize acceleration and max speed potential while running as efficiently as possible by learning correct running mechanics.

Lateral Speed & Movement Mastery: Learn & apply the techniques of how to move laterally by absorbing competition-like force and becoming a true master of movement.

Deceleration: Learn how to absorb force when slowing down (or decelerating) and how to land softly when jumping to avoid injury.

ETS Strength: Relevant bodyweight strengthening exercises for younger athletes to advanced dynamic, power lifting and strongman training for the more advanced that will produce unmatched results.

ETS Power: Plyometrics, medicine ball work and the ETS Vertical and Horizontal Load to Explode training methods to dramatically increase total body power output.

Energy System Development: Sport specific “conditioning” will be implemented into each athlete’s program if or when it is appropriate.

Prehab: Identify and correct muscular imbalances before an acute injury occurs.

Regeneration & Nutrition Education: Information on how to recover properly after each training session to help maximize training gains.

Mobility: A world renowned post workout mobility program that will address and eliminate various movement deficiencies.